4th semester

It is our task to retrieve, rethink and redefine the basic value of solidarity.

The spring 2017 collection OPEN UP NEW VISTAS is concerned with future prospects and solidary community approaches with regard to the current refugee topic in Europe.

The research on Islamic tailoring and the following transformation of traditional pattern techniques has been highly relevant for the collection’s development.Key focus of the collection is the integration of used life vests and thermal blankets in a deconstructive manner.Traces of usage, patches and safety instructions were kept as a reference to the original purpose of the material. Combined with sporty elements a young sophisticated style is created.By merging old recollected plastic bags a new fabric could be formed. Along with the upcycled materials, sustainable fabrics complete the image of an overall progressive collection. When selecting textiles, environmental consciousness is also a way to take care of one another and therefore an important aspect of solidarity.