3rd semester

Every progress is caused by a doubt.

The autumn/winter 2016 collection HYBRID THEORY is inspired by German folk costumes that used to create a strong sense of belonging to a certain community for their wearers. Colours and shapes are characterized by the alternation between faith and identity. Doubts influenced the whole creative process. Do we always act on maxims? Can we trust our feelings to determine truth? Contrasts between opulence and modesty and also the combination of perfection with traces of craftsmanship typify the collection’s character. Wintery colours and fabrics convey impressions of comfort and romance as well as melancholy and gloom.

In line with the guiding theme of the collection the futuristically seeming headpiece plays with the motifs of confusion and concealment. A viewer can’t recognize the wearer while the wearer perceives her surroundings through different eyes, from a new perspective and in unusual colours. The cubic form is borrowed from traditional German headpieces. Colours and materials emphasize the contrast between stoic calm and subtle worry